In today’s society, the cosmetic industry is showing a booming trend, more and more people realize that opening a cosmetic store kiosk has great potential and attraction. Many people will open cosmetic store kiosk in the shopping mall. Here is a nice-looking cosmetic kiosk, let’s view more information about it.

The material of the kiosk

We use MDF as the main material to build cosmetic kiosks. Because for MDF, we usually make the surface baking paint. Whether outdoors or indoors, baking paint has a bright and smooth effect. This can be a good way to let customers notice your stand. Other materials include stainless steel toe kick, light box painting and arcylic. Moreover, the table top is made of artificial stone.

skin care display

The front of the kiosk

The front of the cosmetic kiosk is made of white MDF, presenting a clean and elegant look. Customizable brand logos create a unique brand image. Advanced cash registers can efficiently check out customers and ensure smooth transactions. The long strip sample box allows customers to see different samples and encourages customers to participate in product testing. The open display cases on the third floor display a wide variety of cosmetics, attracting the eye. At the same time, it is also convenient for customers to hold cosmetics.

The side features of the kiosk

The black MDF boards on the left and right sides offer customization options like logos or light box paintings, enhancing the visual impact. Glass display cases on both sides allow customers to see the products clearly and make informed decisions. A tall glass display case on one side offers even more space for displaying beauty products, with a total of four floors to showcase a wide range of items.

cosmetic cabinet

The Back side of the kiosk

The back area with a white table and black top serves as a practical workstation. The four mirrors on the table assist customers in seeing the effects of the products. The four chairs outside the table create a comfortable waiting area. The non-enclosed design with a staff aisle ensures efficient service. This cosmetic kiosk combines style, functionality, and branding to offer an inviting and engaging space for beauty and skin care sales.

This kiosk is the perfect solution for anyone looking to sell cosmetics in a high-traffic area. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this stunning cosmetic kiosk and showcase your beauty products in style.