The fragrance that everyone likes is different. This means that people tend to buy perfume in offline stores. Therefore, opening a perfume kiosk in the mall is a good idea to make money. Then I think you must need this perfume kiosk to carry out your business.

The Overall Appearance

The perfume kiosk stands out in the mall with its sophisticated and alluring presence. Its color, a deep and rich dark blue, exudes an air of mystery and elegance. This hue not only catches the eye but also creates a sense of exclusivity.

The Front Display Stand

glass kiosk

The front of the kiosk features a glass display stand that is truly remarkable. Comprising three layers, it offers ample space to showcase a diverse range of perfumes. The middle area, where the perfumes are placed, is a contrasting white, making the products stand out. Four columns of gold stainless steel elegantly connect the layers, adding a touch of opulence.

Noticeably, the glass does not completely enclose the display. This design allows the staff to interact freely with customers, presenting the perfumes with ease and enhancing the shopping experience. The glass itself is distinctive, with a small man in the middle and a pattern similar to window flowers on the sides, adding an artistic touch.

The Side Display Stands

On both the left and right sides of the kiosk, there are glass display stands. Each stand has two layers, and at the bottom, the brand logo is prominently displayed, reinforcing brand identity. Next to the display stands a thick pillar, with a light at the top, providing both illumination and a decorative element.

The Central Cash Register

In the middle of the kiosk is the cash register, a focal point of the design. It is surrounded by a blue frame on all four sides, while the middle showcases a countless golden sun combination shape. This design element adds a touch of warmth and luxury.

jewelry kiosk

The Back Display Stand

Behind the cash register lies a long display stand. We place the brand logo on the iron sheet at the top to ensure visibility. And we divide the display frame into four small door shapes in the middle, each with two boards for added organization. Below, push-pull drawers and storage cabinets provide practical storage solutions.

This kiosk is a masterpiece of design, combining functionality with aesthetics. Its every detail is carefully crafted to attract customers and showcase the exquisite perfumes in the most captivating way.