Factory custom honey kiosk get creative.  The honey grown is very natural, so it is also very important to choose a kiosk that suits you best. Sweet honey can bring good mood. Honey has deep color, unique taste, rich sweetness, high viscosity and long shelf life. Especially good for skin care and beauty.

honey kiosk


  • MDF/solid strip, when there is a special shape, we use MDF, and the surface treatment method of this one is baking paint. Solid wood seat decoration.
  • stainless steel skirting-reduce honey kiosk deformation and avoid damage caused by external force collisions. In addition, the skirting line is also relatively easy to scrub. If dirty water is splashed on the mopping floor, it is very convenient to scrub. In addition to its own function of protecting the kiosk, it also occupies a considerable proportion in the proportion of aesthetics. It can make the ground material and the kiosk have a harmonious transition and play a role in visual balance.
  • Light-Surrounding lights, as well as skirting lights, are more eye-catching.

honey kiosk at mall

Introduction of honey kiosk

The design of this honey kiosk is relatively simple, mainly to display, store and sell honey. The color matching is also relatively simple, black, white and brown, and the combination of black and white is a very classic and attractive color. Brown is mainly the color of honey and bees.

Use brown solid wood strips to spell out the shape representing bees, highlighting the key point of selling bees, black and white can reflect the color of honey, making people more appetizing. This bottom adds a circle of lights to make it more eye-catching. The overall honey kiosk is simple but very advanced.

Not only can we use honey directly, but we can also make drinks, which not only taste refreshing, but also have a unique aroma of honey. We also have juice kiosks for sale, please click if you are interested.