Factory custom scented candle kiosk with your ideal. Scented candles can not only illuminate, but also purify the air. Scented candles have always been popular in the market, and it can say that they are indispensable daily necessities for every family. The rich fragrance is more relaxing.

candle kiosk

Candle Kiosk

  • Main body use MDF with black backing paint, top-counter use solid wood.
  • The metal structure serves as the main support structure.
  • Light box painting – internal printing can replace.
  • Artificial plant decoration
  • Light-Logo and display shelf with light.

candle kiosk design

This is a candle kiosk used in shopping malls. The overall color system is dark black, mainly to highlight the light of the candle.

Scented candles are rich in appearance and beautiful in color. The natural plant essential oil contained in them emits a pleasant fragrance when burned, which has the effect of soothing nerves and purifying the air. So the fragrance of this mall kiosk can attract many customers. Scented candles are a family necessity, and there are many flavors to choose from.

OEM mall kiosk

We can even develop this scented candle kiosk into a DIY candle workshop, only tables and seats are provided. People can make scented candles of their favorite styles and flavors in the kiosk. Can attract more customers to customize their own candles.

How to make a Candle Kiosk in mall?

  1. Get the kiosk station.
  2. Confirm the size and floor plan.
  3. Make sure the style with your ideal and 3D design.
  4. Send drawing to mall manager for applying.
  5. The mall confirmed the start of production.

We can customize any kiosk, as long as you have an idea, tell us your idea and help you realize it. We have a professional design team and production department. Contact me now!