Factory churros kiosk design with your idea, make a kiosk sell your product, catch client eyes. This is a newly designed churros kiosk, our design team helps customers realize their ideas.
churros kiosk

Churros Kiosk

  • Material-main body use playwood, Plywood finished can laminate any shape. Solid wood strips for embellishment.
  • Countertop- man-made stone, food kiosk always choose artificial stone material. Artificial stone not only has multiple functions, but also has rich colors, non-toxicity, flame retardant, non-stick oil, antibacterial and mildew proof, impact resistance, seamless splicing, and various shapes.
  • Wheel-6 wheels, this kiosk can be moved to any position.
  • Light and spotlight-acrylic logo with light, the top will block the light, spotlights add to a sense of luxury to the lighting and shape

yellow churros kiosk design

From this picture we can see inside the food kiosk. The special feature of this one is the combination of ice cream and churros dough sticks. Of course there are also drinks.

The countertop equippe with a sink for easy cleaning. The interior of the display cabinet design to store, which is convenient for us to organize. There is a beverage cooler inside, although it is not on display for customers.

churros kiosk design yellow

Its size only 3×3 meters, but the cash register, operating table, drink cabinet, ice cube cabinet and storage cabinet are all there. This Kiosk design is selling churros, ice cream and drinks.

How to make a churros kiosk?

  1. Confirm a mall or an outdoor square with a lot of people
  2. Choose the kiosk style, add your own ideas, and complete the 3D design
  3. Send 3D design to mall manager for applying
  4. Confirm the drawing
  5. Produce and shipping by sea
  6. Assemble the kiosk, start your business