Do you plan to start the cosmetic booth? Recently, many poeple have chosen to exhibition booths to gain more business chance. If you are looking for attractive cosmetic booths, this cosmetic booth is a good option for you. It’s good to express makeup products and can also high-level your shop theme. Here is a nice makeup counter sharing with you. Let’s view more details information below.

Exhibition cabinet

Description of cosmetic kiosk design

We can see the photo, it has display counters, a showcase stand, a ceiling, a consultant table, and chairs. Which attracts poeple and makes the exhibition booth attractive. The primary color is orange with a silver display counter, which high-level the shop theme and makes your booth outstanding. Materials include MDF with baking paint surface, other materials include stainless steel, LED light, acrylic logo, etc.

Trade show booth

we can place makeup samples and cosmetic sets on the display counter. So that poeple can view and purchase them properly. While there is a working counter with a double-sided mirror, consumers can sit down and enjoy makeup services. It also allows poeple to try on makeup to get suitable items. On both sides are display cabinets and advertising posters to promote products. It also helps clients to learn more about your products. Find more options for makeup kiosk design

Cosmetic cabinet

At the front of the exhibition booth, we can see there are display stands with double-sided showcases. It’s good for displaying mascara, eyebrow pencils, nail polish, and other products. Merchants can also attach posters to guide poeple to the effect. White brand signage is set on the top to leave a deep impression. Besides, there are big product models in the middle to vividly show items to clients. Whenever you plan to start a cosmetic kiosk business, contact us and get more beautiful designs.

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