What do you think about starting a business with an optical kiosk? Whether it’s your first time starting an optical business or you want to expand your business, this optical booth is a great choice. A brilliant optical booth makes your optical shop outstanding, it will also leave a deep impression on clients. We recently made a nice optical booth design, let’s view more details together.

retail booth

Useful and elegant optical kiosk design

This optical kiosk size is 10ft by 7ft, with a roof, lockable entrance door, floor, ceiling light, display shelving, and cabinet. It more looks like a retail booth suited for outside malls or streets. Merchants can also use it as a pop-up shop to promote brands and sell products.

sunglass counter

As we can see in the 3D design, this sunglasses kiosk has an entrance door in the middle. A large poster attached to the wall, that vividly shows your items to clients. There is a long counter set inside near the cabinet. We can place a cashier register for checking bills. So that clients can exist after the payoff. While other counters are used as display and storage areas. Above the counter is glass shelving to show more eyeglasses frames and sunglasses for clients purchasing.

sunglass kiosk

Display showcase and shelving are very important for a retail shop, so merchants can make full use of the space to display items. For example. There are wall cabinets along with see-through shelving against the wall. We can also attach the posters on the counter so that poeple can view your business and appeal by styling sunglasses.

Sunglasses kiosk

There is another exit at the side, it’s convenient for clients to enter and leave the shop in order. Lovely brand signage and red line decoration make the whole sunglasses kiosk outstanding.