Nail is a delicate and charming art. It is like creating on a small fingertip canvas, showcasing endless creativity and style through color matching, pattern drawing, and the use of various decorative elements. I think anyone who wants to open a nail kiosk in a shopping mall will definitely not miss this kiosk. Find more information about nail kiosk.

The induction of kiosk

The nail kiosk immediately attracts attention with its purple edges and white cabinet, giving people an elegant and charming feeling. When customers approach the kiosk, a price list board attracts their eyes. And it provides cost transparency for various nail services. The brand logo highlighted next to the price list board has increased recognition. A little later is a glass nail polish display rack. Customers can see the color of nail polish at a glance, so as to invite customers to explore. A short but comfortable sofa chair is strategically placed on the side of the price list board, allowing customers to sit down and relax while waiting for the turn.

nail kiosk

The attention to details extends to the corner baffle on the right side of the kiosk, where a potted plant is placed. There is a poster posted outside the baffle. This adds a touch of charm to this kiosk. Behind the baffle, there is advanced cash register equipment on the countertop to ensure smooth transactions. Multiple drawers provide convenient storage space.

Long counter: beautiful and efficient

The long counter behind the nail kiosk is a focal point, and it is also a corner shaped one. On one side of the corner is a double-layer countertop, with nail lights on the bottom and chairs on the outside. A pink desk lamp is placed on the upper countertop. It matches the color of the kiosk and also provides lighting.

beauty nail kiosk

On the other side of the corner cabinet, there are five retractable lights, each with its own partition. This means that this nail kiosk can accommodate five customers at once. The position of the chair also makes the customer feel comfortable. The open space below the counter allows customers to easily rest their feet during the manicure service, ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Overall, this nail kiosk is a stunning and well-designed space that caters to the needs of customers seeking a top-notch nail salon experience. From the stylish pink exterior to the sophisticated interior setup, this kiosk is a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality that will leave customers feeling pampered and satisfied.