Are you looking for a crepe kiosk to earn money? It’s a great idea to open a crepe kiosk in the shopping mall, people can use it to sell ice cream, crepes, waffles, pancakes, frozen yogurt, and ice creams. Below is a nice crepe kiosk sharing with you. It’s a classic style used for crepes, juice, and fast food business.

crepe kiosk

Description of crepe kiosk

This crepe kiosk has a service counter area, display counter, and kitchen room. Merchants can prepare food and sell food well. We can see in the design, the front counter has two cashier registers, so people can check bills soon without waiting in long lines. And there are fruit displays in the middle, while at the side has 2 fried yogurt machines. A cup model at the corner to express business to clients.

pancake kiosk

We can see the right-hand side uses a working counter with crepe machines and a microwave. There is a tall stand in the front to show the brand logo and light box painting. We can also add luminous brand letters on the counters. In the middle of the ice cream kiosk, it is a working counter with a water sink at the corner. Besides, the lightbox menus are attached to the wall to guide people to view your business.

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waffle kiosk

The back side has individual counters, we can add a wooden taller wall so that poeple won’t view inside the kitchen room. We can also add lock cabinets to restore food materials. There are ice cream models on the wooden wall to

Materials information

  • Basic material: Plywood
  • Surface material: Laminate, wooden strip, or veneer
  • Countertop material: Artifical stone
  • Other materials: Light lamp, stainless steel kick, light box painting, acrylic logo, etc.

There are light lamps under the countertable, which makes your crepe kiosk outstanding. The floor light can also make the food kiosk look better.