China kiosk plays a significant role in the business. People can use it in big events to carry out product promotions, promote new products, and even place samples to increase customer experience and promote purchases. It’s a great idea to buy a custom portable China kiosk to start a business. Here is an attractive china kiosk stand sharing with you.

China kiosk

Introduction of the China Kiosk

Size is 80cm long, 38cm wide, and 2m tall. We can customize the mall stand size to meet your demands. It has a display counter, front advertising poster, and behind shelving to put products for sale. We can also add a brand panel on the top to make poeple notice it. Or we can choose to make an umbrella on the top to make the pop-up shop booth outstanding.

exhibition display

Details information

This portable kiosk can open at anytime anywhere because it’s very convenient and can easily bring to different locations. You can set it up in the shopping mall, retail shop, and even outside malls. It’s good for all kinds of industries, including cosmetics, perfume, medicine, and decorations. Merchants can also use it to sell fast food, beverages, and drinks. It’s lightweight and easy to install and assemble on-site, suitable for those who plan to open at different locations.

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RMU stand

Features of portable booth

portable stall

Mall-Kiosk Ltd. provides customized and unique portable booths. We have a professional design team to make unique 3D design drawings. No matter how unique and special mall booths you need, we can achieve it and provide good design solutions for you.