For women who want to showcase their perfect makeup in important occasions or customers who want to have long-lasting beautiful eyebrows, eyebrow kiosk provides precise services. A eyebrow threading kiosk with a good appearance can bring good business.

Size and color

The eyebrow threading kiosk stands out remarkably from other common kiosks. The size of this kiosk measures 12 by 10 feet. Notably, the kiosk layout will vary depending on different sizes to optimize the utilization of space and functionality. The color scheme of the kiosk is a delightful combination of white and cyan, presenting a refreshing and inviting look. All the sizes and colors are custom-made just for you, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your specific requirements and preferences.

Overall shape

threading kiosk

The edges of the eyebrow kiosk are ingeniously crafted into wave shapes and equipped with a glass baffle. This design not only adds an aesthetic touch but also provides a certain level of protection and separation. The logo and light box can be strategically placed on all four sides of the kiosk, enhancing visibility and brand promotion.

Another particularly distinctive aspect is the kiosk pylon. You can see two pylons are eyebrow shape. Moreover,  the two pylons paste eyebrow threading pictures. This unique feature makes the kiosk more vivid and dynamic, enabling it to attract customers more effectively. By presenting such visually engaging elements, it creates a strong allure and catches the attention of potential customers passing by, increasing the likelihood of them stopping and exploring the services offered at the kiosk.

Inside layout

beauty kiosk

Inside the kiosk, we specifically arrange tables and chairs that are intended for serving the customers during the eyebrow threading process. We equip the long counter with several mirrors, and on top of these mirrors, we position the lamps, which emit a very bright and clear light. This well-lit setup ensures optimal visibility for both the service provider and the customers. We place one counter at the corner, dedicating it for the checkout process and facilitating smooth transactions. Additionally, we place a short sofa within the kiosk. It provides a comfortable spot for other customers to wait and rest while they anticipate their turn or simply accompany someone who is receiving the service. This thoughtful arrangement not only enhances the functionality of the kiosk but also creates a pleasant and accommodating environment for all those who enter.