Are you earnestly in search of an absolutely distinctive and extremely attention-grabbing wooden crepe kiosk that has the ability to bring an alluring touch of the moon style to the US? Well, there is truly no necessity to look any further at all! Our remarkable Pure White Latest Design Bread Kiosk is without a doubt an exemplary and perfect addition for any kind of event or market. Expertly crafted from premium-quality wood. This kiosk holds the undeniable certainty of being able to draw in a large number of customers and make your business stand out in an exceptionally prominent and remarkable manner.

Latest design and structure

The bread kiosk presents a captivating sight with its pure white exterior, exuding a sense of cleanliness and elegance. The illuminated signs and light box paintings on the front add a touch of visual appeal, making it easily noticeable. The fancy cash register equipment at the counter awaits customers. And the extended long board outside provides a convenient space for them to place their items during checkout. This design not only looks stylish but also ensures a smooth transaction process.

bread rack


There is a transparent siding inside the bread kiosk, where customers can see various types of bread while protecting them from pollution. The locked door at the back adds a layer of security to prevent unauthorized access. The posters on both sides of the door, one of which has a glowing logo, enhance the visual impact. Inside the kiosk, there is a cabinet with a corner and a rectangular cabinet. The cabinet with a corner has a sink, making it convenient for employees to clean kitchen utensils. The hollow space below the cabinet holds a trash can on one side and a refrigerator on the other. There is an oven placed directly above the inside of the kiosk.

bakery stand


Function and convenience

  • Ample Space on the Countertop. The countertop offers a significant amount of space for the preparation and serving of your delicious treats, facilitating the ability to keep up with the high demand when there are busy events.
  • Shelves and Storage Spaces. Due to the existence of built-in shelves and storage areas, you are able to maintain all your ingredients and utensils in an organized manner and within easy reach, enabling a smooth and unhindered cooking process.

This bread kiosk is a remarkable combination of aesthetics and functionality. Its pure white design gives it a modern and sophisticated look. The well-thought-out interior layout ensures the display and storage of bread are optimized, while also providing necessary amenities.