Recently, many people have planned to start eyebrow-threading kiosks to earn money. It’s a great idea to choose a nice eyebrow-threading kiosk to start. Because eyebrow heading is a fashion and beauty service, people will be attracted by your fantastic store decoration and associate you with your professionalism. It enhances your shop theme and can help gain more customers. Now, let’s learn more about this nice eyebrow-threading kiosk.

eyebrow threading counter

Description of eyebrow threading kiosk

This kiosk size is 8ft by 8ft, combined with purple and white color. It includes 2 workstations. While another side has space near the cashier register counter. The shop owner can place a waiting sofa, facial bed, and even with water sink. It is good to use and can make full use of the space. Find more options for beauty kiosks

eyelash station

We can see there is a long display counter along with 2 mirrors, it has drawers under the counter to place necessary items. We can attach light bulbs surrounding the mirror to increase the brightness. There is a luminous logo on the counter body to remind people of your business. Click here to view hair straightener kiosk options

brow bar counter

Two ends have wider walls with posters and a menu, it not only keeps the work area private but also reminds people to notice your shop well. Led light decoration, menu, and brand logo are very important for eyebrow-throwing kiosks.

Real kiosk effect in the mall

eyebrow threading kiosk

We can see how it looks when put in the shopping mall. It’s fully completed and installed well at the workshop. So the owner can put each cabinet together as a design drawing. Then connect the main wire to the mall power. It’s very easy and can completed by 2-3 people. If you are looking for a nice eyebrow threading kiosk, contact us and get more good solutions.