Perfume Display Kiosk

The perfume kiosk in the shopping mall can always have a unique kiosk display with its unique shape and wonderful cabinet display. The red element combined with the white phase of the pavilion can well show the beauty of the kiosk. Every perfume booth has its own unique taste, just like our perfume, so our perfume also needs to carefully taste to discover the secret, let me show you the story of this perfume booth.

Perfume kiosk layout

This red-themed perfume kiosk is a square display case, and you can see that each of its display cases is square. This is a very three-dimensional design of the kiosk so that we can see the nature of the perfume at a glance. This is suitable for perfume display, jewelry displays, jewelry displays, watch displays, nail polish displays, and so on. The case of perfume kiosk is a clear glass display case, of which there are six. The red one is our red splint display. The bottom will design to kick the red theme, and above is a paste luminous logo display. One of the higher ones is our electronic advertising machine display, which can sale as promotional work for our jewelry stores and perfume stores.

Show Detail

Then the display design of the perfume kiosk is a personalized design style, you can see that its surface is not a regular flat display, it is a very design feeling design desktop. On the red display case, we can place some special or main perfume displays.

Case Show

In addition, this is the perfume display case we sold to American shopping malls. The customer’s display is very reasonable. You can see that the interior of the display case will install with light strips, which is a good design. Because perfume and jewelry are very clear and bright under the light. The logo on the ground is also a luminous logo display, and the red display case with different shapes of perfume is more precious.

perfume kiosk2