If you are looking for a display case that can make your crepes more eye-catching, then we recommend this crepe display case with high quality and practicality. It uses modern design and the most advanced technology to provide the perfect display for your crepes.

First, let’s introduce the material. MDF material is a density plate with high strength and durability. It is widely used in a variety of application scenarios. The MDF material used in this display case is very strong, not easy to deformation, long-term use is also not prone to cracks and deformation problems, ensuring that you can use it safely and put it in any location.

Secondly, the appearance design of the display cabinet is simple and elegant, fashionable and beautiful. Transparent glass and wooden structure make the whole display case look very advanced and full of quality. At the same time, the display layer made of clear glass can clearly display your display crepes and other goods. So that customers can more intuitively understand your products.

Finally, the size of this display cabinet is 4m x 2m.It is a moderate size, very suitable for use in shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants and other places. It can effectively display your goods, attract more customers, and improve sales revenue.


All in all, this crepe display case is made of high quality MDF material and clear glass. It is simple and elegant in design.  The size is right. It is a product that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and can bring more opportunities .It will bring success to your business operations.