Everyone likes unique cosmetic kiosks to earn money. A simple cosmetic kiosk makes the make-up kiosk looks good and convenient to use. Today, I want to share a nice orange cosmetic kiosk sharing with you. We can use it to provide make-up services and promote shop themes.

cosmetic kiosk

Introduction of make-up kiosk

The makeup kiosk size is 3m by 3m, and it includes a ceiling, service counters, makeup stations, and flooring. The color is orange and gray, looks very attractive, and highlights items. We mainly use MDF to build cosmetic counters and the surface material is baking paint. Other materials include metal tube support, tempered glass, light box painting, light lamp, light bulbs, etc. Learn more information about cosmetic store display

perfume kiosk

Unique cosmetic kiosk for sale

We can see there is a long display counter on two sides, it is good to display products and serve people. We can attach lightbox posters here to promote products and services. Two ends have a single counter with a blackboard to show illuminate logos. There is a high brand image wall at the intersection of the two counters, it makes poeple understand your business when passing by. While the rest corner set a working station with light bulbs in the mirror. People can sit down and accept services. Besides, the top has a unique roof with the brand logo, which helps people recognize you from a far distance.

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cosmetic booth

We can add flooring for the makeup booth. Adding kicking light surrounding the kiosk makes the shop stand out. If you have new ideas to add to the cosmetic booth, our design team can draw a 3D design for you. Contact us immediately to get more information.