Are you looking for a beauty kiosk for a shopping mall? Makeup service and cosmetics are popular among poeple because it makes peoples people look charming. It’s a good option to open a small makeup counter to earn money. Today, I want to share a nice makeup kiosk with you.

makeup kiosk

Introduction of the makeup counter

The main color of the makeup kiosk is pink and white with black decoration, looks very lovely. Size is 2.5m by 2.5m, includes 4 entrances for easy get into. This cosmetic kiosk includes display counters, a working table, and an advertising area. It’s good to provide makeup services, and can also promote brand themes.

cosmetic kiosk

It has the same counter on both sides, consisting of an L style with a logo stand in the corner. The counters are on different levels, which is good to show more products. There is a brand logo added to the red counter with a black background, high level your shop theme. Besides, the white counter can use as a cashier counter with a light box painting on the body. An individual barber station set at another corner has light bulbs surrounding the mirror to increase brightness. At the front has a brand logo and posters to remind poeple of your business.

cosmetic kiosk

Material information

The main material is MDF with glossy baking paint, it has a smoothie touch and looks brilliant. Stainless steel kicking to protect the mall service kiosk. LED light lamp mainly uses to decorate the kiosk and makes your shop outstanding. Other materials include acrylic logos, lightbox posters, PVC flooring, etc. No matter when you need a makeup kiosk, purchase customized unique makeup kiosk styles from us now.

cosmetic kiosk