Shopping malls are usually crowded places that attract a large number of consumers from different regions and backgrounds. Whether it’s shoppers, office workers, or leisure tourists, they will have a demand for food when they are active in the mall. Therefore, opening a fast food kiosk in a shopping mall is a good choice.

Information of the kisok

French fries kiosk

Size: 4 by 2.5 meters

Color: red and brown

Material: solid wood, plywood, led light strip, wood floor, stainless steel

Other accessories: acrylic logo letters, led menus, sink, illuminated logo, spotlights

Production time: 25-28 workdays after design confirm

Usage: fast food, like hamburger, french fries

Kiosk shape

The fast food kiosk has a series of shapes designed to attract attention and customers. At a glance, we can see a french fry shaped decoration and a huge wooden fork on the side of the kiosk. They create a direct visual connection with the food being sold. These unique shapes are not only a marketing tool, but also contribute to the overall brand image of the enterprise.

The Layout that Optimizes

The layout of a fast food kiosk is a strategic masterpiece. You can carefully maximize efficiency and customer flow. Additionally, for the cooking area, you can easily put food on it, with easy access to ingredients and equipment.

food booth

The display counter is designed to showcase the menu items in an enticing manner, with clear signage and well-organized presentation. Additionally, the seating area is located on the right side of the kiosk for optimal comfort and convenience. There are many storage cabinets inside the kiosk, cleverly integrating storage space to keep supplies neat and orderly, making it easy to access and use.

Fast food kiosk is not just places to grab a quick bite. It a space that combine functionality, creativity, and appeal. The right materials, meticulous processes, captivating shapes, and well-thought-out layouts come together to create an experience that leaves both taste buds and eyes satisfied.

How to get this kiosk

  1. Contact us to discuss your specific requiments.
  2. Our design team will design 3D drawing according to your requirements.
  3. We sign the contract after the drawing has been approved.
  4. You pay 50% deposit, then we start to produce.
  5. Finish the kiosk and package the kiosk.
  6. You arrange the 50% balance.