Today I would like to recommend a juice kiosk to everyone. This juice kiosk is not only a place for selling drinks, but also a beautiful scenic spot in the mall, bringing delicious and joyful food to people while adding a unique charm.

Kiosk appearance

The square-shaped juice kiosk gives it a unique and modern look. This shaped kiosk will make it stand out in the mall. And it will give passers-by priority attention to your store. It uses smooth lines and presents a sense of agility and liveliness. In the middle of the kiosk, there is a striking painting light boxes. Thus, it can attract people’s attention from a distance. Yellow is vibrant and attractive, making it easy to distinguish in the mall. There are no screens around the kiosk, allowing staff to hand drinks to customers.

beverage kiosk


Kiosk material

The materials used to build the juice kiosk are of high quality. Plywood is the base material for the main body of the juice kiosk. And the surface is connected by fireproof board. In addition, the surface is treated with spray paint. This process can have good fire and waterproof function. The bottom of the juice cabinet is a stainless steel kicker that protects the bottom material. We can also see that the back area on the counter is a toughened glass fence for dust prevention.

Internal structure

drink kiosk


The interior has been carefully designed to optimize space and function. There can be compartments for storing fresh fruit and ingredients, as well as sinks and taps for easy cleaning. The ordering machine in the center ensures smooth transactions. There is a dedicated juice preparation area, lined up with blenders and juicers. The standing area allows guests to relax and enjoy a drink. A variety of juice mixes and toppings can put on shelves. The lighting is carefully planned to create an inviting atmosphere. Ventilation in place to keep the area fresh. In addition, there is an advertising machine in the middle of the pavilion, you can put new drinks on the screen to achieve the effect of publicity.

Custom contact

We are a well-known supplier of various display cases and kiosks in China. We have a professional design team and manufacturing plant. Thus, any kiosk you like can be customized to your needs. If necessary, please contact us!

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