At the entrance to a hotel, there will most likely be a reception desk. The reception desk is not only the front of the hotel, but also the first station of service. If the reception desk is not enough atmosphere, gorgeous, the first impression of visitors will be greatly discounted.

We have an excellent reception desk with an L-shaped design, black marble surface, MDF material, Mosaic tiles on the side and white paint. This reception desk is very exquisite, fashionable atmosphere. It can be the face of a hotel and impress guests. Let’s take a look !

1. Improve the overall image of the hotel. A good hotel image is very important. By using our reception desk, the overall image and quality of service of the hotel can be enhanced. If visitors first see the beautiful, clean, fashionable atmosphere of the hotel reception desk, will certainly have a better impression of the hotel, and recommend to more people.

2. Improve service quality. A good reception desk is not only a facade, but also means the quality of service. Our reception desk design atmosphere, novel, can let the front desk staff in a more elegant, more efficient way to serve the guests. For guests, the design of the reception desk is also one of the standards to judge the quality of service. Exquisite reception desk can also provide guests with a better check-in experience.

3. Improve your productivity. Our reception desk adopts L-shaped design, which can not only meet the operational needs of the front desk staff, but also make the communication between staff and guests more smooth and natural. The layout of the reception desk is more reasonable, equipped with sufficient lockers, filing cabinets, the work efficiency of the front desk staff can be improved, to provide guests with more rapid and accurate service.


1.Basic material: MDF

2.Surface finish:white baking paint, black marble stone

3.Hardware:Same lock with key,stainless steel handles

4.Others:100mm stainless steel toe tick,8mm tempered-glass

In general, choose our reception desk, can effectively solve the hotel facade is not gorgeous, poor service quality, low efficiency.