If you ask me, what is the happiest thing? I would answer without hesitation: sitting in a shop with friends having afternoon tea! Enjoy our pizza and drinks. This is a quiet and happy time for us. I hope the store can be as original and distinctive as the design in the picture. If you want to view more styles, please click our link to go to the reference.


The pizza cabinet is divided into two areas. The left area is for the work of the staff and the right area is for the customers. There are four stools and two simple tables inside. There are also two menus on the TV above the pizza counter, where customers can place their orders.


As can be seen from the front, the floor material of the mango cabinet is plywood, stainless steel, and ceramic tiles. We can attach them to the plywood surface. The wall is hung with the menu poster of the store. The top of the pizza cabinet is a stainless steel frame with a wooden strip. Merchants add the unique logo to the top of the store. The shop has some green plants for its beauty. In addition, the pizza cabinet has tempered glass in the middle to prevent contamination of the ingredients.

Size: 5000*3000*2000 mm. The size of the cabinet on the left is 2000*2000 mm. The size on the right is 3000*2000 mm. The pizza cabinet uses in the mall. The main customers will choose to pack, but only a few customers will eat in. So, we designed it to be just the right size. Of course, the size is not fixed, if you want to change it, we can help you customize it.

What are the advantages of this pizza cabinet?

The shop is decorated in a casual style, so people will feel relaxed and casual. Besides, the pizzeria has no walls, which allows customers to have a wider view.

Why choose us?

We have a professional design team, with up to 20 years of service experience. If you need anything, please let me know. We can provide you with professional design solutions according to your requirements.