Description of Cosmetic Kiosk

This is a cosmetic kiosk suitable for indoor use with a size of 5000*3000*2000 mm. As can be seen from the picture, there are two white cosmetic display cases in front of the pavilion, and a stool and table next to it. There are four cosmetic display cabinets in the back, three are white and one is black, which are used to display cosmetics. The front and back cabinets are 2000*500*2000 mm. Same size, different color. On the left is the front desk for staff, and on the right is a rectangular table for customers to make up. There are four positions in total. Store processing can provide cosmetics to consumers, but also can make up for customers.

cosmetic display case

Bright Spot

The kiosk is divided into three different functional areas, display area, makeup area, and reception desk area. There is a big poster at the front desk to attract customers. The display area is further divided into a tool display area and a cosmetics display area. As can be seen from the picture, the cabinet in the middle is for tools, while the cabinet in the front and back is for cosmetics. Thus, the division of labor of this cosmetic kiosk is clear. At the same time, the layout of the cosmetics pavilion is mainly black, which can highlight the color of cosmetics, so that the whole layout of the shop is luxurious. 

This is a detailed picture of our production process, and you can see the structure of the cabinet.

cosmetic counter


The cosmetic cabinet is MDF as the base material, and the surface-to-bake paint finish looks very textured. The bottom of the cabinet is covered with stainless steel, which can extend the service life. At the same time, there will be corresponding lights inside the cabinet. Before production, we will make a construction drawing to show you the materials.


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