In our impression, cosmetics always invite famous figures as the image spokesperson, as a marketing plan, so that the cosmetics brand can open popularity, when we see the spokesperson, we will think of these cosmetics. We choose a different design concept and choose bees as the image representative of this cosmetics, so as to promote our brand better.


We can see that this is a cosmetic cabinet for indoor use. At first glance, this cabinet looks different from those we usually see. First of all, there are many obvious signs in this cabinet, such as hexagonal light boxes, luminous logos, posters, and so on. Only the front and side of the cosmetic cabinet can put cosmetics. The space for putting cosmetics in the cabinet is relatively small, and the few cosmetics are especially precious.cosmetic kiosk in mall   

Bright spot

1 Eye-catching color, this color is rarely used and is very bright.
2. Unique shape, especially the hollowed-out pattern at the back of the cabinet, just like the hive of bees we see.
3. The logo of the bee is a very creative design.


Size: 3*2*2 M
Color: yellow
Materials: Medium-density fiberboard, gloss finish, stainless steel, tempered glass. Prior to production, we will provide you with detailed material design drawings
Production time: 20-22 working days after order confirmation

If you want to browse more juice kiosk styles, you can check out the link. If you need, we can also customize it for you, but also can provide a stool, table, lock, etc. Please contact us, thank you!

Company profile

Founded in 2010, Shenzhen Unique Furniture Co., Ltd. is a professional production, design, and manufacturing enterprise, specializing in various commercial display cabinets,We have a lot of successful cases, designed a lot of different cabinets, which also won a lot of praise, accumulated a lot of service experience.