In our life, more and more people like to drink juice. Therefore, there are more and more beverage stores, The advantage of juice cabinets is that there is no need to pay expensive rent every month, and the cost is relatively low, so many people are keen to buy juice cabinets. Of course, if you want to run a juice cabinet successfully, there are many factors, and continuously attracting customers is also one of the important reasons. How to attract more customers among the numerous juice cabinets? Perhaps, choosing a unique juice cabinet is also a very important step.

Juice Booth Description

This juice kiosk cabinet is suitable for indoor use. The juice cabinet is rectangular, the size is 5000*3000*2400 mm, and the area is not big, but the function is perfect, and it is very simple and convenient.  there is an entrance on the left side of the juice cabinet. At the front counter, there are two computers, one for displaying menus, and the other for work, and the free space can be packed for customers. On the back counter, there is an area for making drinks, with a sink and water tank under the sink. The free space can be used for the ingredients to make drinks.

Bright Spot

The whole fruit juice pavilion is green and easy to catch people’s attention. On the front of the juice pavilion are two coconut trees and the logo. Approaching this juice pavilion, just like coming to the seaside, you can feel the sea breeze, making a person feel comfortable.


The juice counter is made of man-made stone. There are two computers on the counter, one for customers to order and one for staff to pay. The juice cabinet also has a stainless steel sink with a water tank underneath. There is also a green cabinet made of plywood. The stainless steel bracket is used to support the juice cabinet logo. On the side is a door made of wood. In addition, the counter is surrounded by tempered glass to keep the ingredients clean. The logo in the picture has a variety of materials to choose from, such as Acrylic, hollow, crystal, etc.


No matter the size, material, or style, we can customize it according to your requirements. We can also provide stools, light boxes, doorknobs, locks, and other items. If you need to, you can contact us, thank you!