Are you looking for a high-level eyebrow-threading kiosk? Most poeple like attractive and luxury eyebrow bar counters, which attract people and can increase store viability. It’s a great idea to begin with an eyebrow threading station at the mall because poeple can accept service when shopping. Learn more details about the eyebrow threading kiosks.

eyebrow bar counter

Introduction of eyebrow threading kiosk

This eyebrow booth includes four working stations with chairs. We can attach oval LED mirrors on the wall and the drawers and leg space under the countertop. The front counter has a reception counter with a cashier register. Adding a brand logo and a TV player to the front of the kiosk is a much better option. A brand logo panel stands at the entrance, and next to it is a waiting-for sofa with a decoration wall, which looks very attractive. Besides, the side has a water sink for washing and a clean mall beauty kiosk.

eyebrow threading station

More information

  • Color: Black and golden
  • Size: 5m by 2m
  • Materials: MDF, baking paint, golden mirror stainless steel decorations and kicking, hollow-out luminous logo, stickers, lighting, mirror, and accessories
  • 3D design drawing: 3D design models based on the owner’s requirements, about 3-5 work days completed. The design fee is 300usd, which can be deducted from the kiosk amount.
  • Production: Produce process following the confirmed technical drawing. It takes about 26 work days.
  • Packing: Packing: Bubble cotton + foam and corner protection, outer wooden box package

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eyelash kiosk

Assembly photos show

We will assemble the whole eyebrow bar at our workshop and test it. Then the owner can view the reality mall kiosk effect in advance. Finally, we will package each cabinet with wooden boxes and ship the goods. When you receive the packages, put each cabinet together and connect wires to use. 1-2 people can finish this job because it’s easy.

eyebrow threading kiosk