Whenever you plan to start a business with a skin care kiosk, this kiosk booth is a good choice. It is good to promote products and can also help people notice your company and brand. This skin care booth is good to use in big events, markets, and trade shows, and also used as a pop-up shops to earn money. Let’s view how the skin care kiosk works.

Description of skin care booth

The skin care booth size is 3m by 2m, it includes a glass display counter, reception desk, advertising area, and seating area. So that poeple can purchase the goods directly. They can also sit down and learn more about your items. The primary color is golden combined with blue finishes and a white background. It looks high-end and makes your booth outstanding.

Trade show booth

This kiosk booth is an open area with 2 existing on both sides, which allows consumers to enter your shop easily. We can see the reception desk with a brand name and golden stainless steel decoration. Staff can serve every consumer passing by, giving them a welcomed feeling. Both sides of the wall have golden metal arc door frames with different levels of square display cabinets. It’s good to show the items properly. Besides, the inner room has white chairs and tables for consultants. TV screen along with posters attached to the back wall for advertising.

View make-up kiosk

Kiosk booth

A big roof with ceiling light is very important for exhibition booths. It is not only used as decoration but also increases the brilliance of the booth.  There is a big roof in a curved shape, which looks very special, and golden metal with light highly matches the shop theme. Merchants can attach brand signage and logos at the front so that poeple can notice them from a distance. Contact us for more nice exhibition booths and retail kiosks.