Are you looking for a shoe kiosk to earn money? This amazing booth measures 4 meters by 3 meters, providing ample space to showcase a wide variety of slippers. With its carefully designed layout and eye-catching features, it is sure to capture the attention of customers and keep them coming back for more.

Shoes booth

Introduce of slipper kiosk

At the front of the shoe kiosk, a long display counter is adorned with a slat wall display, allowing for easy visibility of the slippers. This showcases the products in an organized and attractive manner. Makes it convenient for customers to browse and make their selections. Behind the display counter, a locked cabinet provides secure storage for extra stock and valuable items.

shoe counter

Adjacent to the display counter is a cashier counter, designed in an L shape. This counter not only serves as a place for customers to make their purchases but also features a display cabinet, adding an extra touch of elegance and functionality to the booth. Customers can easily view and choose from the displayed items while completing their transactions.

shop display


In the center of the retail booth, a tall tower display is strategically placed. This display serves a dual purpose: attaching posters and showcasing additional items to clients. This allows for effective promotion and creates an immersive shopping experience for customers.

On the other side of the mall kiosk design, different levels of display counters with open shelving are utilized. This innovative design enables the vivid display of slippers, providing customers with a clear view of the available options. Additionally, customers can comfortably sit down and try on the slippers before making their purchase, enhancing their shopping experience.

Shoes kiosk in the shopping mall

We can see what it looks like when installed in the shopping center. Our Mall Kiosk provides custom shoe kiosks suitable for special requirements and sizes. Whenever you plan to start a shoe kiosk, provide a shoe cleaning service, or sell shoe maintenance products. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a new shoe kiosk design.

shoe shop

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