Beauty kiosk is popular among women because they want good skin condition and charming looks. It’s a nice idea to open a beauty kiosk to earn money. If you are looking for a useful and attractive beauty booth design, this beauty shop can give you more ideas. Let’s view the details together.

beauty kiosk

Description of beauty kiosk

  • Size: 6m by 3m, we can make it the same size you want. Determine space to start a business is a very important first step.
  • Color: White with golden decoration. It high-levels your shop theme and enhances your service.
  • Material: MDF, high glossy baking painting, stainless steel, tempered glass, LED light box, etc.
  • Advantage: It is good to provide all kinds of beauty services, such as massage, facial, and skincare projects. Machines can also display related products for sale.

beauty kiosk

Beauty counter decoration

  1. Layout: This cosmetic kiosk divides into 2 parts. The left-hand area is used to reserve clients, display products, and pay cash. While the right hand is a private room for massage and facial service, you can also use it as a VIP room.
  2. Location: We can see the middle front area has a U shape counter with open cabinets. Popele can sit down and enjoy skin care service here. It can also use as a consultant area to guide poeple. This beauty salon kiosk has 2 entrances in total. It has posters on the counter body to remind people of your business. Products can be set here for consumers to take away before checking out. Glass showcase set on the left-hand of the back counter, drawers under counter for storage.
  3. Brand signage: Brand name and logo is very important for a retail beauty booth. Clients can view and remember your shop when passing by.

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beauty kiosk

If you want to view more unique beauty kiosks, contact us now. We are ready to help you and can customize it soon.