It’s a great idea to start a business with a shoe kiosk and retail shoe shop. Shoes kiosk is good to help sort out shoes and can also show all kinds of shoes to clients. Before starting a shoe kiosk, it’s necessary to purchase a nice shoe kiosk. Today, I want to share a nice shoe kiosk sharing with you. Let’s view more details information together.

shoe booth

Description of shoe kiosk

This shoe display suits an area of 4m by 1.5m area. It has a glass display cabinet, brand logo, service table, etc. The primary colors are wooden and gray. We can use tempered glass material combined with natural wood strips to create a special shop effect. It’s good to install in the shopping mall, retail shoe shop, or pop-up shops. We can also combine it with display racks and display counters to showcase items well.

shoe display

We can see there are 3 display shelving with glass cabinets at the back wall, which show the shoes to clients. You can also lock it during off time to keep shoes safe. There are 5 layers of display shelving to show all kinds of shelving. We can add a wooden frame to support it. However, the back counter has solid wood strip decoration, which makes the overall shoe kiosk attractive.

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shoe shelf

While the top has posters and brand logo signage to remind people of your business. The left side area has a gray wooden display counter, with a drawer to store necessary items. Flooring is very important for retail mall kiosks. It is not only good for hiding the wires to make the kiosk clean, but also reminds people that enter into your shops. If you plan to start with a shoe kiosk, contact us and get more good shoe kiosk design ideas.

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