Are you looking for a reliable furniture factory to help you customize a sunglasses kiosk?We are a well-known supplier of various display cases and kiosks in China. We have a professional design team and manufacturing plant. Any kiosk you like can be customized to your needs. Next, I will introduce you to a modern style of sunglass kiosk.

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The Overall Design and Aesthetics

The White and Black Modern Sunglasses kiosk is a visually striking display stand. The combination of white countertops and black storage cabinets creates a sleek and contemporary look. The gray stainless steel kick adds an extra touch of style. The presence of two distinct display stands, one with curves and the other rectangular, offers variety and functionality. The curved stand with its multiple layers provides ample space to showcase a large number of sunglasses, while the mirrors on the top floor allow customers to assess their appearance. The square logo flanking the stand and the posters outside enhance the brand image.

The Functional Aspects

The display stand is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. On the lowest level of the curved stand, tablets are placed for customers to browse and select their preferred styles online, adding a modern and interactive element. The internal Led lights ensure the kiosk is easily noticeable even at night, attracting potential customers. The rectangular display stand with its three levels and the separate black display case with a light box picture at the top further contribute to the overall functionality and visual appeal.

sunglass kiosk

The Customer Experience

This sunglasses kiosk is designed to provide an exceptional customer experience. The organized display of sunglasses allows customers to easily browse and compare different styles. The mirrors enable them to see how each pair looks on them, helping in making informed decisions. The combination of online selection options and the visually appealing setup makes the shopping process enjoyable and convenient. Overall, the White and Black Modern Sunglasses kiosk is a remarkable display stand that combines style, functionality, and a great customer experience.