Childhood is a time full of innocence and joy, and toys are an indispensable partner in this time. No matter which age of children, toys have accompanied us through a beautiful day, and become the eternal memories in our hearts. And the toy kiosk is a good place to display and sell toys. Today, I recommend this toy kiosk which is suitable for the shopping mall. Let’s view more information about it.

Attractive and modern kiosk

toy display

The kiosk is designed to catch the attention of passersby with its eye-catching design and layout. The front of the kiosk features a square plate with a blue border. We can customized with a light box painting and your logo to attract customers. Moreover, the combination of the dark purple wrap on the booth cabinet and the white cabinet creates an appealing visual contrast. It makes the kiosks stand out in the mall environment.

Convenient display counter

The cash register area behind the square plate is well-equipped with computers and POS machines, ensuring smooth transactions.
There are three levels of the booth, which means you can display different toys on each floor. This will help you attract children of all ages. In addition, the two blue columns that connect the second and third floors. They not only increase the stability of the structure, but also contribute to the aesthetics. Unlike traditional toy stores, we do not install glass in this toy kiosk. Customers can easily browse and interact with the toys on display. The staff can also clean the booth more easily. On the back of the kiosk is a hollowed-out square that resembles a camera, with different colored hollowed-out squares stacked next to it. This unique design adds to the overall beauty of the kiosk. Secondly, the hollowed-out squares of different colors provide sufficient display space and enhance the shopping experience of customers.

toy stand


Inside the kiosk, there is a table and chairs for staff, and posters advertising the latest toys and offers are plastered on the walls. This setting creates a welcoming atmosphere for customers, encouraging them to spend time exploring the variety of toys on offer. The combination of modern design elements, colorful displays and interactive layouts makes these toy stalls a popular destination for families and toy lovers. The kiosk is conveniently located in the mall and have a wide selection of toys. And it provides a fun and engages shopping experience for all.