With the fast development of society, many people plan to open a hair styling kiosk in the shopping center. It’s also a good idea to install to exhibition booth to promote the brand and company. Today, I want to share a nice hair salon booth with you. Let’s view more details together.

hair station

Introduction of barber kiosk

This hair styling kiosk size is 5m by 5m and includes a hair service counter, display cabinet at the center, reception counter, wall display shelving, etc. We can see there are 4 hair stations with shelving and a mirror on two sides. People can sit down and accept hair styling services. We can add lightbox painting here to remind poeple of your business. There is a curved counter at the shopping center.

barber kiosk

Near the back side has a reception counter, you can serve poeple there. The whole hair straightener kiosk looks like a retail shop. It has 3 lines of LED light on the counter table and the middle area is the black acrylic logo. While the back side has a storage cabinet and drawers, we can place more items here. The back side has a long wall display, we can add lightbox painting, wall displays shelving and a cabinet under the counter for better usage. While the back side has posters on the wall for advertising.

hair styling station

Materials information

  • Primary material: MDF
  • Finishing material: Baking paint in white color
  • Other materials: 8mm tempered glass, stainless steel, LED light box, light lamp, spotlight, mirror with light

Lighting is very important for a hair exhibition booth. It can brilliant the hair salon kisok and can also make your beauty shop outstanding. No matter when you plan to open a hair styling service booth, hair straightener kiosk, or shampoo display cabinet, you can find a good solution at Mall-Kiosk. Contact us and learn more information.