Snack kiosk is seen everywhere in the shopping center. Many poeple plan to open snack kiosks to earn money. The snack kiosk is good for displaying popcorn, nuts, packed snacks, candy, etc. It’s good to sit in the shopping mall, movie theater, and restaurant.  Whenever you plan to start a snack kiosk, don’t forget this nice snack kiosk option. Let’s view more details together.

snack cabinet

Introduction of snack kiosk

This snack kiosk size is 3m by 2m, suits for most mall locations. The primary color is white with yellow line decoration, it highlights the products and can also make the food kiosk look good. We should not only focus on the kiosk design but also the quality. The primary materials are MDF with glossy baking paint, stainless steel, and 8mm tempered glass. It has a very strong structure, durable, and can last for a long time.

snack kiosk

There are 3 layers of stairs displays on the front side. Businessmen can place an acrylic box here to show items. The side counter of the donuts kiosk has open display shelving to place packed snacks for people to purchase. Beverage cups set on the countertop with tempered glass surround it, it make full use of space and can increase sales. Don’t forget to add a lock cabinet underneath the countertop to increase the storage area. Brand logo and signage with posters to remind people of your business. If you are going to open your business, contact us and get more retail kiosk designs.

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