Are you looking to start your own ice-cream business? Please give a look for our white high-end ice-cream kiosk customized mall retail ice-cream booth for sale. This special kiosk comes complete with a plethora of ice-cream stickers and spotlights. It make it an eye-catching appearance. With its practical operation area, easy assembly, and attention to detail, this kiosk is sure to attract customers and set your business apart from the competition.

A Simple Introduce Of This Kiosk

  • The practical operation area of this ice-cream kiosk is designed with efficiency in mind. The layout allows for easy access to all necessary equipment and supplies, making it a breeze to serve customers quickly and effectively. With ample storage space for ice-cream tubs, cones, toppings, and more, you can keep all of your essentials close at hand and neatly organized. This kiosk is also equipped with two sinks for easy cleaning, ensuring that your workspace is always clean and hygienic.
  • The internal operating table is a stone countertop with a fire-proof board to ensure safety. The bottom is equipped with a locked storage cabinet, and the bottom is stainless steel baseboard. The overall appearance is painted with white baking paint, which looks very high-grade. On the back, there is a big size cylindrical display column design with the same height as kiosk. And there are a large number of physical sticker pictures for reference, giving customers the most intuitive reference

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Ease Of Installation

The standout features of this ice-cream kiosk is its easy assembly. The kiosk comes with detailed instructions and all necessary tools. It make it simple and straightforward to put together. With just a few hours of assembly time, you can have your kiosk up and running in no time. The modular design of the kiosk also makes it easy to disassemble and transport, perfect for those who are preparing to open at the mall.

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The Details Of This Kiosk

In terms of design, this kiosk is a showstopper. The white baking paint and high-quality plywood materials give it a modern look that is sure to appeal to customers of all ages. The kiosk is also customizable, allowing you to add your own branding and personal touches to make it uniquely yours. The included ice-cream stickers and spotlights further enhance the visual appeal of the kiosk. It draw attention and enticing passersby to come and sample your tasty treats.

With its attention to detail and high-quality construction, this ice-cream kiosk is a must-have for anyone looking to start their own ice-cream business. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, this kiosk has everything you need. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to take your business to the next level. Order yours today and start serving up smiles and sweet treats to happy customers in no time.