The honey kiosk is very important for selling honey and pure products. It’s a great idea to sell honey in the shopping mall because people view honey as a healthier food. Honey also has a delicious taste that gives people a good spirit. Today, I want to share a nice wooden honey kiosk with you. Hope you will get more good ideas.

Honey kiosk

Introduction of honey kiosk design

This honey kiosk mainly combines brown wooden, yellow, and black colors, and looks very brilliant and luxurious. The regular hexagonal decoration video shows your products and brand to the clients. If you have special ideas, we can also add them to make the honey kiosk attractive and useful.

Honey cabinet

The primary material is Plywood with solid wood finishes. Gives people a natural feeling and reminds people that your product is also natural. Other materials include 8mm tempered glass, stainless steel, LED light lamp, acrylic logo, etc.

View food kiosk design

Layout information

We can see there is a hexagon-style cabinet in the middle of the front counter. It has 3 layers of glass cabinet to show products. Near it is also a glass cabinet with LED light and shelving. While the bottom has lockable drawers for storage.

Honey counter

The right-hand side has an individual counter with a cashier counter on the top, it’s good for clients to check bills. We can see the back side has a tall display stand with multiple cabinets. People can see and get items from both the front and back sides. It is good to increase sales performance. There is a 3D luminous logo on the top to show your brand concept to clients.

Actual food kiosk effect

Honey kiosk Honey booth

The product is based on the honey kiosk design, so you can feel free to tell us the requirements, our design team can make the professional designs to show you the details in advance.