Today, I plan to introduce a sunglasses kiosk.

At first sight, we can readily notice that the sunglass furniture counter showcases various distinct figures. It encompasses no fewer than four display counters, a cashier counter, and an image counter. We meticulously craft the cashier counter from plywood and adorn it with a white baking painting, presenting an appearance that is not only bright but also exceptionally smooth. Moreover, it is worth noting that we recognize baking paint as an environmentally friendly material. At the cashier register, there is ample space for you to place your machine with ease.

optical kiosk

We construct these display counters from plywood, giving them a wood grain color. This aspect constitutes their unique selling point as it is rather uncommon for us to typically fabricate glass kiosks using MDF and smooth baking paint. You can clearly observe their hollow shape, consisting of several layers and equipped with pink and white show boxes specifically designed for the placement of sunglasses.

The image counter takes the form of a rectangular wooden counter, flanked by a large poster light drawer on both sides. Every brand undoubtedly requires its logo image to be prominently displayed as this serves the purpose of enhancing people’s trust in your products.

Detailed information

First, you can easily observe that each counter below the small counter is equipped with a white counter that comes with drawers. The drawers provide additional storage space for various items.

Second, every counter has a model poster placed on it. This is very helpful as it can vividly show customers the true effect of the products. Just imagine a customer looking at a poster of a person wearing a pair of sunglasses and immediately envisioning themselves in the same style.

sunglasses kiosk

Third, we can clearly notice the acrylic letter logo on both the cashier counter and the display counter. The logo adds a touch of branding and professionalism. Moreover, the skirting area of the white small counter is made of stainless steel material. This counter serves the important function of elevating the wood grain display counter.

Importantly, our design encompasses floor design. You can see that the floor decoration is in a silver color. This choice of color is not random but deliberately selected to show a high-end effect.