Whenever you plan to open a nice crepe business at the shopping mall. It’s a great idea to choose a unique crepe kiosk to start. And make it fit your location size, brand theme, and products. Today, I want to share a nice custom crepe kiosk design with you.

Crepe kiosk

Mini crepe kiosks in the mall

The wooden and white mini crepe kiosk with both aesthetics and convenience in mind. With a size of 2m by 2m, it can fit comfortably in any space while still providing ample room for your staff to work their pancake magic. The front side of the kiosk is dedicated to two crepe machines. Allowing clients to watch as their delicious crepes are being prepared right before their eyes. This interactive element adds an extra layer of excitement and engagement to the dining experience.

small kiosk

Layout of crepe kiosk

On the left side of the crepe kiosk, there is a reception counter complete with a check register. This area serves as the central point of contact for customers, making it easy for them to place their orders and interact with your staff. The wooden countertop adds a touch of warmth and sophistication, while the white accents maintain a modern and clean aesthetic.

Meanwhile, the right side of the crepe kiosk has a coffee machine and blender. To ensure the safety and efficiency of your operations, we can make the wall higher so that consumers won’t touch machines. This design feature prevents clients from accidentally reaching the machines. While still allowing them to see the process through a glass panel. This adds an element of transparency and creates a captivating visual display that can attract potential customers.

At the entrance of the waffle kiosk, a logo wall proudly displays your business’s logo, reminding people of your brand and enticing them to come in and try your delectable pancakes. This eye-catching design element acts as a marketing tool, creating a lasting impression on passersby and increasing brand recognition.

waffle kiosk

The wooden and white mini crepe kiosk is the epitome of functionality and style. Its compact size makes it easy to integrate into any space, while the thoughtful design ensures smooth operations and customer satisfaction. So, if you’re in need of a custom pancake counter that looks good and performs exceptionally well, don’t miss the crepe kiosk. Your customers will be lining up to get a taste of your mouthwatering creations.