A retail kiosk will undoubtedly be the commercial furniture that you will give the highest priority to when venturing into business for the very first time. The reason behind this is that it holds numerous valuable functions and has the remarkable ability to present your extensive and diverse range of products. Despite its small size, it exhibits remarkable capabilities and is still fully capable of showcasing a wide array of products.

hats kiosk

On this kiosk, you will find a vast assortment of products on display, such as fashionable watches, stylish sunglasses, trendy hats, functional bags, and industrial lamps, among many others. The size of this kiosk that we have meticulously designed is relatively compact. Nevertheless, it makes the most ingenious and perfect utilization of the available space. Consequently, it can display a multitude of products concurrently, yet it manages to maintain an organized and uncluttered appearance.

The design of middle part

We ingeniously craft the main area in the middle part of the kiosk in an inclined display style. It primarily showcases a rich variety of watches, creating an attractive display. At the bottom, we incorporate a considerable number of drawers, specifically designed to store different types and styles of watches. Apart from the middle section, we make use of aluminum groove boards or perforated boards at the two ends of the kiosk. We strategically attach hooks to these boards, providing a convenient means to display hats, bags, and other fabric items.

retail kiosk

Thoughtful Countertop and Poster Designs

At the same time, we have also deliberately and purposefully designed a dedicated area for the kiosk countertops. This thoughtful design is implemented to ensure that you have a designated space to neatly place table lamps and other products with ease and accessibility. We also put up posters for different display areas. This is not only beautiful, but also lets customers know the goods of this display shelf at a glance.