Coffee kiosk

We all know Starbucks, I believe that many people like to drink coffee because coffee is not a taste but a taste of life attitude. That’s why we all enjoy a comforting sip of coffee while going to work or shopping. If you’re planning to open a coffee kiosk recently, you might want to take a look at the coffee kiosk I’m going to show you. This is a wood-grain coffee kiosk design similar to the Starbucks design.

coffee kiosk

Size: 5×3 m

Color: Wood grain + black

Materials: plywood and laminate

Surface: paint finish

Bottom kick: stainless steel

Top: black metal frame

Others: acrylic logo, poster, layout

Service: Free design modification

coffee kiosk How to customize

We are a direct customization factory. We have made designs for many enterprises and cooperated with them. 90% of our products are sold to the United States, so you can rest assured to cooperate with us. We have cooperated with brands in coffee kiosks, and we also have designed styles of chain stores. In short, we can do different styles of design for you, including the layout you want, logo display, store cabinet placement, cashier, sink, machine and so on are up to you to decide, we are responsible for your design, you are responsible for telling our customer service your requirements.

coffee kiosk