With the rapid development of society, mall stalls become popular among business people. A kiosk is a mobile or portable display facility in modern commercial outdoor retail spaces, mainly located in commercial plazas and commercial streets. Nowadays, kiosks are gradually becoming a kind of commercial public service facility. It shows various appearances in major business circles and commercial streets. The mall stall also provides more convenient business services for the public, and major brands have also established their kiosk retail model. If you are looking for attractive mall stall booths, you can get more good solutions from us.

How to rent a mall stall

Renting a stall in a mall is a must before starting a business. A good booth can bring you high-quality customers and orders. Of course, the rent of good product stalls will be relatively higher. It is very important to choose a suitable location before opening, which will help you save the cost of opening a store and help you promote your products. Merchants can negotiate rent and lease terms with mall managers to ensure a smooth opening. Secondly, you need to choose a suitable mall booth design. You can view the details in the 3D design, so you can arrange the display showcase area, storage cabinet, reception area, and advertising space well in advance.

How to decorate a high-end Mall stand?

Starting a business in a mall can be profitable. Whether you are a well-known brand or you are starting a brand for the first time, choosing a high-end decoration style is a must.

  • Brand logo. Logo is not only to decorate the mall booth, but also to strengthen the impression of customers. It helps to enhance brand awareness and promote products. Merchants can place the logo on the top of the counter, make an image wall, or even add it to the cash register and display counter, and people will see it repeatedly.
  • Counter layout. Merchants need to frequently adjust products and mall stall counter layouts to adapt to changes in customers’ aesthetics and consumption views. Regularly adjust the mall stall to bring freshness to guests, and it is also convenient for you to clean up inventory.
  • Color and style. Merchants choose the appropriate color and decoration style of the mall stall. Mall stall design needs to highlight the style of the entire brand store. And it can set off the color of the product and increase the customer’s desire to buy the product.

Materials of mall stall

Mall booth combines many different materials. Each material has unique texture and can give the mall booth a unique decorative effect.

  • Cabinet material: The counter is the most important part of the mall kiosk, where customers choose products and receive services. The shape and material of the counter need to match the overall style to create a comfortable and warm shopping environment. We can use solid wood decoration, paint, veneer, wallpaper and so on.
  • Ceiling material: Ceiling is also very common in mall kiosk design. There are usually posters, brand logos and lights on the suspended ceiling. People will quickly recognize your store from your competitors. Different ceiling decorations can also achieve different display effects. Such as solid wood ceiling, metal decorative top and so on. We will choose the appropriate mall booth ceiling material according to the overall style.