How to choose a unique reception kiosk for your shop and office? The reception kiosk is where visitors learn about your business for the first time. So the owner can decorate the reception area to highlight the company theme and leave a deep impression on people. People can learn what they want from the reception counter, including the information, directions to the meeting room and office, pass goods, etc. We can set waiting sofa, welcome desk, brand image wall, and advertising display in the reception area. The reception counter is in hospitals, offices, cosmetic stores, restaurants, pharmacies, clothing stores, hair salons, etc. It can also be used as an after-sales service desk. Merchants can get a unique welcome table, check-out counter, shelf check-in kiosk, or front office desk on our website.

The reception kiosk is a place to display the company and product images, so the reception table style matches the overall decoration style. And merchants can set the reception table at the store entrance, the lobby on the first floor of the office building, the office entrance, etc. People can see it as they enter the store and register their visit information. For most retail stores, the reception counter also uses as a check-out counter to increase more display area. And people can also self-check in supermarkets and self-service convenience stores.

Reception kiosk design

reception kioskThe reception desk is an essential item of office furniture and an indispensable part of receiving foreign customers. The main reason is that it has a high-end appearance, luxurious and beautiful, and it is combined with the company LOGO wall to give customers a better impression. We can use it as an office reception desk, hotel reception desk, exhibition reception desk, beauty salon reception desk, government office reception desk, etc.

Office front desk design is mainly two aspects of color and shape. So people choose colors based on the overall office decoration style, company logo, and the business industry. The front desk of a company is the first impression of a company, which is equivalent to the face of the company, so how to reflect the decoration design of the front desk is the key concern of every designer. For the office front desk, it is necessary to reflect the company philosophy, establish a corporate image, and leave people with a good impression of the company.

Reception kiosk decoration

When the reception desk has become a symbol in many places, people have higher and higher requirements for decoration. Some people hope that the reception desk is eye-catching, some people hope that the reception desk has many functions, and some businessmen hope that the reception desk is beautiful. Here are some points to consider when decorating a reception table food kiosk.

  1. Reception desk function. The reception table functions for setting, placement, and working use and must fully meet the client’s needs. The former includes equipment placement, power supply, signal transmission, etc. And the reception area also has craft tables, chairs, counters, lighting, storage and retrieval of materials, etc. In addition, We should consider the counter usage, such as counter nameplates and business guides, customer standing, waiting and resting positions, etc.
  2. Welcome counter style. Because of its importance and prominent position, its styles and materials are elegant. However, due to the restriction of the internal and external functions of the counter, it is generally difficult to have too many changes in its large shape, such as height and width. It determines according to functional needs. Believes that the reception desk structure is stable and generous. And it can also be unique and innovative, and it should also play a role in strengthening and beautifying the corporate image.
  3. Service counter material. Due to the shape characteristics and location, the material should generally be high-grade and durable, and it is often necessary to pay attention to moisture-proof and moisture-proof. We use stone or high-grade wood, or according to the different requirements of different parts will need custom materials, such as a wooden cabinet body with stone cabinet legs and countertops or a wood structure inlaid with stone or covered with metal edges.

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Reception desk theme

We notice that the reception desk in the hospital is different from the office reception desk. It is because its design is according to the unique style, color, and materials.

  • Warmth theme. Warm colors as the primary color system for reception desk decoration. People will pay attention to the relaxed and harmonious atmosphere. So the residents can enjoy the warm feeling of sunshine.
  • Simple theme. black and white and the intermediate colors between them are the primary colors, and the design advocates simplicity to make the house appear smooth and spacious. The selection of furniture of the same color with fewer but better choices can better reflect the fashion pursuit of the homeowner, especially in the living room and hair salon kiosk.
  • Retro theme. Based on the traditional retro style, the designer notices the details to make the overall effect more implication and changes. Therefore, the retro style no longer looks dull and reflects the homeowner’s unique cultural accomplishment and nostalgia.
  • Art theme. apply calligraphy, painting, sculpture, and other modern art methods to home decoration design, choose bright colors for the walls and cooperate with light-colored floor tiles, lamps, curtains, and furniture to form a relaxed and pleasant artistic atmosphere.

Self-service desk material

A good reception desk design can improve the company and its employees. Because it can prove the mood of the host and guests. It will inevitably win business opportunities for the company. The material of the reception desk also plays a role. The office decoration reception desk shows the company’s strength and plays a role in many aspects. It includes interpersonal communication, business etiquette, and image strategy.

  • Marble front desk. Most of them are in the spacious lobby of the first-floor office building. The marble front desk has a natural texture, which looks very high-end and can enhance the store’s image and the value of products and brands.
  • Paint the front desk. The base material of the painting front is sprayed with environmentally friendly paint on the surface of MDF and baked repeatedly in the paint room. Mall-Kiosk Ltd.’s reception desk has been sanded and painted five times. So the front desk is bright in color, smooth, and looks very beautiful.
  • Solid wood front desk. As people’s awareness of environmental protection increases, solid wood front desks are becoming more and more popular. It is often used in wood grain cosmetics stores to create a feeling of being close to nature. The solid wood desk gives a simple and luxurious feel. The reception table with wood grain is also suitable for the reception table of hotels and restaurants, creating a mall counter retro style.

Height of reception desk

The desk height is about 730 mm-750 mm; there is a 1200mm height in front. The hotel desk has two types: standing service desk and sitting service desk. The counter height facing customers at the standing service front desk is generally about 1.2 meters, and the width is within 0.5 meters. The top counter table is convenient for customers to write down. The lower countertop is 8-0.9 meters, and the width is about 0.6 meters, suitable for operating computers and works.