Where can we find cellphone repair kiosks? A cellphone repair kiosk is a good place to provide after-sale services and phone repair services. You can also display phone accessories and mobile phones to increase sales. Phone repair booth is very important, especially for a big company and those who want to set up a brand. It’s good to enhance the brand theme and build a good reputation. Cellphone repair kiosk is good to use in shopping malls, phone retail shops, and phone service centers. As a merchant, you can decide on colors and styles based on your product positioning and customer base. Decor that impresses people will bring you a lot of customers. You can view unique phone repair kiosk designs on our website.

With the development of technology, there is a vast market for phone case kiosks, mobile phone repair shops, and phone cases. You can choose to start your business from a mall cellphone kiosk, which is beneficial for you to start your business. Most merchants carry out these businesses at the same time, and it is easier to gain the favor of customers by providing a complete set of services to customers. And no matter when you’re ready to start your business, choosing a good decorating style is essential.

Cellphone repair kiosk decoration points

Cellphone store decoration is a need for every business to consider seriously. Reasonable counter layouts and bright and novel color combinations leave a deep impression on the public. And these are equally important to mall retail kiosks because the cellphone repair kiosk is not just a representation of your business, but a reflection of your brand and products.

  1. cellphone repair kioskColor matching. Color is the first element that enters the human eye. Reasonable color matching can make people want to enter the mobile phone repair shop. You can also choose a color suitable for the consumer group as the main color of the decoration, and match the bright color to highlight the theme of your store.
  2. Sales window design. As a mobile phone shop and mobile phone repair shop, the window is one of the main ways to attract potential customers. It gives the first impression to the guests, and the guests can also learn about your brand concept and service. This is equally important for cell phone kiosks. You can design print advertisements, individual glass display cases, etc. for window display.
  3. Counter layout. The proper layout of the counter can make your store look neat and easy to carry out work. You can design the counter according to the items and put them in the proper position. Besides, the 3D design can help you see the details of the cellphone repair stall, you can adjust and perfect the design according to your needs. The real success is the placement of many items without cluttering them.
  4. Brand signage. The front door design is the image of a mall phone store, which increases the recognition of the storefront. When customers see them, they can contact your business. You can design image walls, suspended ceilings, and illuminated signs to highlight your store. With the right position and size of the logo, your phone accessories kiosk will look more advanced.

View cell phone shop design can help you understand better.

Cellphone repair counter style

No matter how much space you have, you can find suitable and useful phone repair counters at Mall-Kiosk for business. The counters include a glass showcase to display products, a service table to do repair work, and a cashier register counter. All the counters have lock doors, so you can close them well during off time. Below are popular repair counter styles.

  • U shape: U shape counter includes counters on 3 sides. It is fit for locations close to the wall or rails. You can also set in an open space without a closing entrance.
  • L shape: L shape counter is a long counter with a return. So it can increase service area and allow more people to work together. L shape repair counter mostly uses in the service center and retail shops.
  • C shape: C shape and circle-style phone kiosks become more and more popular. This increases the sense of design and technology of the display cabinet. Moreover, guests can see you from different angles. Besides, curved counters have no corners to getting hurt.
  • Square shape: Square shape kiosk is a common style in the mall. It is a complete kiosk for work and shows all kinds of items. You can change each counter detail to make it good for your business. You can even set a cabinet in the center.
  • Individual counter: Individual counters can make glass showcases on the front to display phone cases. You can also make a rectangle counter with a logo and posters on the front. Besides, behind of counter has a working area with drawers and cabinets. You can also add LED light to increase brightness for work.

Materials for phone repair booth

Material is the first consideration in the design and production of mobile phone repair counters. The material determines the final display effect and conveys the cellphone repair kiosk theme to the guests. If you want a perfect phone repair shop effect, don’t forget to choose high-end and durable raw materials.

  1. Acrylic: Acrylic is one of the materials often used in mobile phone retail stores. It is used to make light boxes, brand names, and logos, decorative lines. You can even use it to make a baffle to place a phone case, and the acrylic has good light transmittance and a bright surface.
  2. Glass: 8mm tempered glass is one of the most popular materials for cell phone kiosks and cell phone repair cabinets as well as retail. Because it can better display the products, and the glass display case has a lock to prevent thieves.
  3. Lighting: Lighting creates a store atmosphere and lighting, which is very important for mobile phone repair. For work area lighting, you can choose bright white cold light because it illuminates better and you can see the phone parts clearly. The lighting in the display area can be selected with soft energy-saving light strips. The even distribution of light better highlights your product and makes it look comfortable. Pay attention to the density of the light to avoid dimly lit areas.
  4. MDF: MDF is a kind of base material, which is mainly used to make cabinets. The MDF surface is very flat, and the surface is very suitable for baking paint treatment. Mall-kiosk uses high-density MDF, which is not easy to bend and has a strong bearing capacity, smooth surface, and firm structure. Our phone kiosk made of MDF is welcomed by major shopping malls and is the material of choice for chain brands.