Coffee carts have mobile wheels that are convenient for moving to different locations. Coffee carts are suitable for selling coffee in the shopping center and street. You can get business in fixed areas or move them to any place with high traffic. Merchants can choose trolley style, tricycle style, and coffee trailers to start their business according to their own business. A food cart is small, 120cm to 240cm in length. You can choose the right shape and decoration to make your coffee stall stand out. Whether you are planning to start a business or a side business, coffee carts are a good idea because they are easy to operate, low cost to start, and require minor investment, but they have high profits and quick returns. To start your business, you can choose coffee carts or customize unique food carts on our website.

The coffee cart suits start-ups and businesses ready to start a side business. Because of its low cost, it fits almost all booth sizes. The coffee cart contains coffee machine locations, sinks, cashiers, billboards, posters, and storage space. Electricity and water are always a headache for a mobile business, but they won’t be a problem at Mall Kiosk. We can use a solar panel power supply or gas power supply (reserve enough space) and add a water system at the bottom of the sink to meet the daily water supply requirements. Of course, merchants must seriously consider the style and mix of food concession stalls so their business will stand out.

Types of Mobile Coffee Carts

With the development of society, mobile food carts are trendy. Because it no longer restricts where a business can be located, it doesn’t even require shop rent to open. How to stand out from many competitors? You can customize a creative mobile coffee cart to start your business. And incorporate your store business philosophy and brand image into the coffee stall design to get a more attractive mobile coffee cart. Here are three popular styles for your reference.

  1. coffee cartPush food cart: The push cart is one of the most common and classic bubble tea carts. Its size is usually 2m long and 0.5m wide. Merchants can add roof decoration, about 2m high, to provide guests with a medium for shelter from wind and rain and help them promote their store and bring in business. The site has a push handle to facilitate people to push to the location with a large passenger flow. Put the logo on the front, and the back is the cabinet door or shelf for storage.
  2. Tricycle food cart: Tricycle food cart has a seat and pedals like a bicycle or tricycle. Merchants can ride them to where they plan. Compared with a push food cart, it saves time and effort and can place more products for sale. At the same time, merchants can add batteries or solar energy to provide kinetic energy for food bikes.
  3. Coffee trailer: Coffee trailer has recently been a popular mobile food truck. It’s like a mobile store that sells everything from coffee to food, snacks, and beverages. It can expand your business, and at the same time, it can close the booth at night, which is very safe. Merchants can use trailers to move them or drive with an engine.

Popular food cart textures

Food cart material is equally important. It needs moisture, fire, sun-proof materials, and a solid structure that can meet the requirements of different business environments. Usually, we use plywood with a laminate surface treatment to make the coffee cart. Metal tubes support the roof or use as decoration. Artificial stone protects the cart top to make it look excellent and robust. Other materials include acrylic logo, lightbox, etc.

  • Wooden coffee cart. Wooden coffee cart increases the added value of a coffee shop and improves people’s skills. At the same time, the wooden kiosk is an environmentally friendly material, which enhances the store’s image and can be favored by more people. In addition, the wooden coffee cart is not easy to go out of date, and it is still new even after many years of use.
  • Stainless steel coffee stand. The stainless steel coffee stand cabinet is made of food grade 304#, durable, scratch-resistant, and wear-resistant. Waterproof and moisture-proof, not easy to rust, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Stainless steel has a metallic feel, making the coffee stand out and increasing its longevity.
  • MDF coffee cart. MDF coffee cart usually uses in the shopping center. It has a glossy baking paint surface, which looks luxurious and touches the smoothie. It can high level the coffee brand and attracts the eyes’ attention. If you have the required materials, contact us. We will use those materials to build your coffee bar counter.

How to get a customized coffee cart?

Custom coffee carts have become popular as every merchant wants to start their business with a unique food kiosk. A coffee cart is a booth for making and selling cafes and your guests’ first impression of you. It is also one of the symbols of the brand. Before starting your business, consider coffee stall decor and style. Here are three steps to show you how to get a unique coffee cart.

  1. Discuss coffee cart decoration. It is essential to discuss coffee cart information with sales staff. Please tell us your thoughts and requirements. We will provide professional advice to help with your perfect coffee and pizza kiosk decoration. We can get a preliminary coffee cart decoration plan through discussion, including food cart size, color, decoration, brand logo, menu area, etc.
  2. Make a coffee cart design. Make a professional 3D design to present our discussion plan to you entirely. You can see the coffee shop counter’s color, size, material effect, lighting, etc. You can also update the design drawings directly if you have a new idea or if something needs to be adjusted. It takes about three working days to complete the 3D design. You can reserve time to review and confirm the final design.
  3. Produce coffee cart. The production of the coffee cart will strictly follow the confirmed design and detailed drawings to ensure that every step is accurate. In the end, the merchant can get the perfect coffee cart. The workers first prepare the material and then cut the fabric. The next step is to assemble the wooden cabinet. Then, the coffee cart will enter the surface treatment process. The last step is the installation process. Cabinet doors, logos, locks, wires, lights, etc., are all completed in this step.

Order coffee kiosk from Mall-Kiosk

Workers complete the products and assembly work in our workshop. The owner can only receive a coffee cart and start the business. Our company has more than 20 years of experience customizing food kiosks and mobile push carts. Our products and services are widely acclaimed due to exquisite craftsmanship and warm-hearted service. At the same time, we will continue to learn and strive to provide better products and services for more new and old customers.