Coffee stand is seen everywhere in our daily life. It’s usually uses in the coffee shop, mall coffee booth, beverage shop and even daily convenience shop. Coffee has a big market in the world, many people set coffee stand at home and even set at the office. Coffee stand mainly uses to prepare and sell coffee, it suitable for starters to earn money, and it can also uses as an automatic coffee bar, customers help themselves. No matter when you plan to start business, coffee stand helps you well. Merchants can make the coffee stall fit the environment and shop theme, it high level the coffee shop and enhance brand theme. Brows popular coffee stand on our website and purchase your coffee stand now.

The coffee counter is usually set against the wall. It has a back wall, a work table for a coffee machine, a coffee cup area, display shelving for coffee beans, etc. Size usually depends on the space size in the room. Popular sizes are 1m long, 0.6m wide, and 1.8m tall. We can also make it a coffee bar with a storage cabinet and a working counter. Some coffee stands also have a water sink near them for better usage. Mall-Kiosk has made batches of unique coffee booth styles. All the coffee kiosk follows clients’ requirements and helps to improve brand image. Besides, the material of popular coffee stalls uses wooden decorations, stainless steel, artificial stone, etc. These materials make the coffee stand look excellent and robust to use.

Famous coffee stands for sale

The coffee stand has multiple styles that meet different classes of business. If it’s your first business, you can choose a coffee cart or espresso stall to start. If your primary purpose is to promote the brand, coffee trailers, tea kiosks, and coffee stalls work better for you. No matter which coffee stand you want, you will get a fantastic coffee stand from us.

  1. coffee standCoffee station. The coffee station is suitable for retail shops’ homes, offices, and reception areas. So family and staff can have a cup of coffee at any time. It’s necessary to decorate it to match the room.
  2. Coffee cart. The coffee cart has wheels and can move to different places. Merchants can use it in the mall or street where there are more people. It has a roof to show brand signage. It can also be used as a shelter outdoors. In addition, we can make it hand-push or bike-style to meet different clients’ needs.
  3. Coffee trailer. Coffee Trailer is a complete mobile restaurant outdoors. The difference from coffee carts is merchants can drive the food trailer anywhere. It has lighting, sales counters, a storage cabinet, and a water sink, so everything is inside the hot dog trailer
  4. Espresso stall. The espresso stall is famous because espresso has an exceptional taste. We can add milk to espresso to make different flavors of coffee. Both the espresso kiosk and espresso booth help with the business well.
  5. Coffee shop. The coffee shop has more counters and decorations than the mall coffee kiosk. It usually has a service counter, seating area, machine space, menu board, and advertising wall. Besides, shopfront decoration and furniture layout are essential. It’s even the symbol of the shop before clients enter the shop.

How to choose a suitable coffee bar?

Decide suitable coffee bar height. The bar will indirectly correspond to the required size according to the use function. If the coffee bar is combined with the dining table function, the height is about 70-75cm; if the bar matches with high chairs, the size is about 90-95cm. You can also make bubble tea kiosks following the dimensions.

Make proper coffee counter width. Most countertops will place coffee brewing utensils. Generally speaking, the operating table top is 50cm-65cm. You can also extend the table width to 70 or 80cm according to the equipment size. For bar counters with dining seats, the width of the external countertop is about 40cm.

Set comfortable dining table and chairs. Coffee tables are available in square, rectangular, rectangular, round, oval, and other styles. Square, rectangle, and rectangle are the most common styles; 60 cm W×60cm D or 75cm W×75cm D are more popular. So we recommend to mkae the height 70-75cm, a more comfortable measurement. Besides, the chair height from the floor to the seat is 41-46cm, and the guests have enough space for their feet.

Decoration of coffee stand

The coffee shop’s soul lies in the coffee bar’s design. I often see good coffee bars and am reluctant to leave, but I have yet to see too many satisfactory bars. The coffee bar is also the face of a family, consumers can see it first, and it is also where baristas often work. Of course, an enormous function of the bar is work. A series of cores of the daily coffee shop takes place at the bar, and if you design a good coffee bar and cake kiosk, you will get a functional and aesthetic coffee shop.

  1. Add coffee cup models: The shape of the coffee cup can vividly show people your business. So you can add a coffee cup model to the side or front of the coffee stand to gain attention. At the same time, lighting is essential to create a comfortable atmosphere through the illumination from the wall. In addition, you can also add mirror stainless steel decoration to enrich the visual experience.
  2. Lighting: The lighting design in the cafe can create a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. So you can use warm yellow light as the primary color and combine it with chandeliers, table lamps, projection lamps, and standing lamps to create the image of a coffee stand. The lamps are mainly made of natural materials, and the appearance also has a grille-like line design.
  3. Materials: The coffee stand is waterproof and sturdy, which can be used for many years and still look new. It includes marble countertops, wood cabinets, and stainless steel skirting. We can even make it in MDF with a glossy lacquer finish. Besides, the coffee stand materials match the decoration style. For example, coffee shops with a business-like overall decoration choose marble countertops. Rooms with a robust classic atmosphere often use solid wood or wood grain veneer panels to make coffee stands. Many merchants like to customize an espresso kiosk with stainless steel. A well-designed coffee bar is both beautiful and functional.

If you are ready to start a business, now is the best time to contact us for the latest coffee kiosk designs. We provide 24-hour online service seven days a week. Whenever you have questions, our sales team will help you immediately.