Drinks kiosks and beverage booths are popular in the shopping center and food court. It has the brand logo, posters, bar counters, and storage cabinets. Merchants can use it to sell sugarcane juice, soft drink, coffee, cold drink, etc. It’s also a better option to set up the vending machine. Consumers can help themselves to increase their sense of experience. When opening a drinks kiosk, the owner should first decide drink shop theme, layout, and decoration. It is a symbol of your drink shop and makes clients distinguish you from competitors. We can also use colorful lighting to decorate the drink counters and get a wonderful shop atmosphere. Whenever you need a drink kiosk, you can find a good option at Mall-Kiosk, checking out more drink kiosk designs on our website.

Wines and drinks kiosks are essential in our daily life. Most people drink wine to get rid of the stress of work. Besides, friends usually maintain relationships through wine and drinks before, and family members also drink to celebrate festivals to increase the atmosphere. It’s a great time to open a drinks kiosk. The drinks kiosk is a sales model that integrates the sale of alcoholic beverages and drinking. No matter when you begin starting your business, you can choose to customize the drink counter to make your shop stand out.

Suitable drink display occasion

Drink displays are suitable for many places, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, etc. In different usage occasions, the shape and size of the drink display are different. Merchants can customize unique drink counters according to the store style and shop size.

  1. drink kioskShopping mall. The drinks kiosk in the mall has counters on four sides, and you can set up a bar where people can sit and rest. So you can set up a drink counter with two decks, with the lower deck for work and the top deck for delivering drinks to clients. They can also sit and enjoy a drink or chat with close friends.
  2. Supermarket. There are many kinds of beverage kiosks in supermarkets. They usually have multiple layers and can display many products. You can also design them as double-sided display racks or circular displays, which attract people’s attention, facilitate customers to buy, and also facilitate sales staff to organize goods.
  3. Smoke and wine shop. The display racks of the Tobacco Hotel are mainly back cabinets, which mostly display various wines and cigarettes for sale. Merchants usually use glass laminates and mirrors on the back wall, which can highlight the product value and enhance the store’s image. Merchants can also add light strips to the store to create a unique and warm atmosphere.
  4. Restaurant. Drink cabinets are popular in restaurants. People usually set them near the cash register, where people can notice drinks and alcohol when entering your shop. And when the guests need to increase the wine, the service poeple can also quickly order and bring it to the consumer. The drink kiosk effect matches the restaurant shop theme.

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Drinks kiosk layout and design

The drinks kiosk in the shopping mall sets counters on the left side of the main entrance, which is one of the most eye-catching positions in the shopping mall. The length of the counter is reasonable according to the size of the store. Usually, a single drink counter length is 1m to 1.2m. Tall display cabinets are set along the wall, and the front separates from customers by a glass counter. Merchants can use solid wood veneer to organically combine classical and modern beauty. It creates a stable and luxurious store atmosphere of juice kiosks.

Wall display. The Dink kiosk has flat mirrors on the back and sides, highlighting and enhancing the sense of depth. We can install light strips on each glass display cabinet and laminate. Through mirror reflection, the products are cleaner and brighter. This setting not only highlights the beauty of each product but also improves the overall sense of fullness of the sample product. Merchants can also place a light box above the display cabinet to heighten the atmosphere and highlight the products. We can also set the height of the laminate according to the size of the gift box, place single products on the upper counter, and place gift boxes on the lower counter. Meet the needs of different customers to get more business.

Glass display. The front glass display cabinets focus on the combination of practicality and aesthetics. There are no gaps or protruding parts in the glass plane of the counter, and the entire counter surface appears clean and tidy, it is convenient for customers to browse and purchase their favorite drinks, and is also conducive to ensuring the safety of products.

How to decorate a drink Cabinet

Merchants need to seriously consider the decoration style before starting the drinks kiosk. Different decoration schemes bring different feelings to people, and it is best to choose the shop decoration style that suits the shop theme. With the improvement in people’s living standards, more and more people get the wine cabinet design at home. Whenever you are commercial or domestic usage, you can find a suitable solution in Mall-Kiosk.

First, the bar is a beautiful landscape designed by the drinks kiosk space. High-quality materials and exquisite work are the focus of the entire drinks booth. Drinks counter materials include marble, quartz stone, solid wood, etc. Merchants can also combine stainless steel and other materials to obtain different display effects.

Lighting is an indispensable factor in the drinks booth, which creates a unique shop atmosphere and can make customers feel immersive. At the same time, the combination of lighting can also give your store a wide view, and people can recognize you from a long distance.

Drinks kiosk counter size

The depth of the drinks table must depend on the function of the table. The width of the table required for drinking only and eating is different. If there are seats in front of the table, the depth of the table should be at least 40-60cm, and it is more convenient to store things under the table with this width.

The beverage table needs to reserve enough work area. Usually, the smallest sink needs to be 60cm long. Besides, the operating table is 60cm long, and you can also measure machine space, so we will find a suitable location to place them.

The table with a sink should pay attention when purchasing the sink. The sink should preferably be flat-bottomed. And it prevents the cup from tipping over or damaging when setting the cup. The depth of the sink is preferably more than 20cm. And you can add a baffle on the countertop near the sink to avoid splashing.

The total height of the wine cabinet and coffee kiosk is practical, and each counter height is at least 30-40cm. The part where to place the wine bottle needs improvement. So the wine can flood the cork and store the wine for many periods.