The handbags kiosk is good for showing handbags, wallets, backpacks, school bags, briefcases, and travel bags. With the progress of society, people now go out with backpacks to decorate and match clothes. Now is the best time to start a handbag kiosk business. Merchants can rent a stall in the mall. Layout the handbag stand layout according to the size and orientation of the booth. A suitable handbag display can better display the products and make the guests desire to buy. At the same time, it can convey the brand concept and advantages to the guests. Mall kiosk is a leading enterprise in retail handbag booths. We have an excellent team of designers, excellent production workers, and a modern production workshop. Merchants can get the ideal handbag kiosk to start their business.

The handbag kiosk has multiple themes and designs for unique shops and locations. Because the business person can create an attractive and outstanding article, they can choose glass showcases with shelving, see-through displays, double-side counters, and stair styles in a handbag store. The counters and walls are good places to attach brand signage, slogan, and advertising. All of your new ideas can add to the handbag booth design.

Handbag store decorations

The decoration is essential for a handbag store. A good fit can make the bags store and T-shirt kiosk stand out in a mall or a busy street. People are impressed with your store and will think of you when they need it. Distinctive decor helps attract customers, while product quality and the shop service contribute to a good reputation. Next, let us learn about handbag store decoration.

  • handbag kioskSignboards and window display. Merchants should pay attention to handbag store interior design because a good photo, personalized brand name, and neat window can better represent the characteristics of the store. It is also a good idea to place the signage in a prominent location, such as a checkout counter or display stand, or even add a drop ceiling to display the logo.
  • Lighting. The lighting of the bag store is mainly to set off the store’s atmosphere and show the bag’s characteristics. So we need to add spotlights in the display area and window. If choosing a glass display case, then we can add LED light lamp to highlight the product. Merchants must pay attention to the harmony between the lighting and the store and the appropriate color.
  • Add mirrors. Hair salons and mirrors are equally crucial for clothing stores and bag stores. Adding a mirror in the right place can broaden the visual effect of a kiosk and promote the transaction rate. Because the mirror makes the consumer feel that the handbag is very suitable.
  • Color of the display. The color of the handbag display can highlight the personalization of the retail handbag store. Merchants can set the handbag booth’s leading tone according to the bags’ color. If merchants want a minimalist shop atmosphere, choosing black, white, and gray is a good way.

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Material introduction of the bag kiosk

Mall kiosk usually uses environmentally friendly materials to make handbag kiosk. It mainly highlights the high-end store atmosphere and has a high-gloss surface to enhance the store image. Materials include MDF with baking paint, Plywood with lamination, solid wood, artificial stone, 304# stainless steel, and acrylic. No matter what material is needed, we can meet their requirements. The following are some materials for reference.

  1. Laminate. The display cabinet made of laminate is very bright in color, and the edge sealing is very tight. It has good high-temperature resistance, wear resistance, and infiltration resistance and has an excellent moisture-proof effect. The laminate surface usually uses together with Plywood.
  2. MDF. Fiberboard, also known as density board, is made of many finely divided wood fibers pressed at high temperatures. Its surface is relatively smooth and smooth, and the material is very delicate, which can make a unique shape. MDF has stable performance and is very suitable as a bag display cabinet and shoe kiosk.
  3. PVC material. The advantage of PVC is that the waterproof effect is better. Its surface has been vacuum-pressed, and different color styles can be made with high-temperature resistance and waterproof performance.
  4. Solid wood particle. Many solid wood boards are made into particle shapes and then pressed with glue. This material is relatively hard in texture and strong in bearing capacity, and this material is also environmentally friendly.
  5. Ecological paint-free board. The display cabinet made of the environmental board has good stability and deformation resistance. It can meet the requirements of fast environmental protection and can be used to make cloakrooms, wall cabinets, wardrobes, and cabinets, and can also use to make hat kiosks.

Timeline to produce handbag kiosk

Before starting a customize handbag stall, it’s necessary to reserve at least three months because you can have enough time to choose the final design and get mall approval.

  • Make 3D design: Designers need 3-5 work days to complete the procedure. You can reserve time to check and modify the design. 
  • Produce time: Produce time is 22-25 work days. It takes more time to produce if you choose a complex design that needs a prominent location.
  • Shipping time: Sea shipping needs 22-30 days after sailing. Different ports have different voyages.

How to manage a bag shop

  1. Think about customers. Look at your store from the customer’s point of view. Merchants can use questionnaires to understand customers’ thoughts to make timely adjustments.
  2. Window and product display. A window with a fashionable and novel design will help you attract a lot of past customers. At this time, the exhibition will play a crucial role.
  3. Daily management. The store also has to do an excellent job in day-to-day management. For example, having a morning meeting can allow employees to devote themselves to work from the first minute of work. You can also organize mini-games regularly to keep employees cheerful about their work.
  4. Warm-hearted service. Treat every customer with a smile. Employees communicate with customers with the most sincere smiles to give customers warm service.