T-shirt kiosks become popular among business people because it’s good to present patterns on the T-shirts to clients. There are many unique T-shirt booths in the market, but everyone likes attractive T-shirt kiosks to earn money. Here is a nice T-shirt kiosk style sharing with you.

T-shirt kiosk

Description of T-shirt kiosk

This T-shirt kiosk is black with white decoration. It is high-level the shop theme and can make the clothing kiosk looks better. Size is 10ft by 10ft, people can arrange all the counters and cabinets in the proper area. And it is good to place items for clients to select. Materials includes MDF with the baking paint surface. Other materials include stainless steel kick, acrylic logo, light lamp, tempered glass, etc. We can also add flooring light and PVC flooring for better usage.

T-shirt counter

Custom T-shirt booth design

We can see in the design photo, the T-shirt kiosk has working stations on both sides, so clients can check bills without waiting for a long time. Merchants can also show the T-shirt patterns on the wall. There is a glass panel on the surface, that keeps the items clean and people can also view them well.

T-shirt booth

The shop owner can place the printer on the back side counter, and under the counter is lock drawers for storage. We can set stairs counter at the front to show more T-shirts. At the corner is an individual brand logo wall, it leave deep impression on people. While there is a single counter near the entrance, we can also set patterns here to attracts more clients.

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Mall-Kiosk provide unique styles of T-shirt kiosk for everyone. You can tell us the measurements, styles, color and materials you want. Then we can customize retail kiosk for you. We have professional design team and manufactuer team, I am sure you will get ideal kiosks soon.