Do you plan to open a nice boutique kiosk to earn money? As for the retail booth, the boutique kiosk is good for showing all kinds of products, including small gifts, souvenirs, stationery, hair clips, and so on. Using a high-end retail merchandising units kiosk for business is a great idea. Today, I want to share a nice retail booth with you. So it can make your retail shop stand out and show items to clients well.

retail kiosk

Introduction of the retail booth to the USA

This retail booth side fit for a location 10ft by 10ft, includes a round display in the middle and four curved counters surrounding it. We can attach the brand logos and posters to the mall gift kiosk. The primary color is white, looks high-end, and can reflect products well.

boutique kiosk

Middle display. The central display shelf is the highest counter and the top ceiling with spotlights decoration. We can even add light to each cabinet for added brightness. These open shelves are suitable for presenting retail products to guests. Stores can draw lightbox posters on columns to let people know about your business.

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retail kiosk

Curves display counter. The display counter is for booth storage and display. It has two layers of display shelving so people can see the select boutiques. And there is a glass showcase on the countertop, which can express retailers to clients. We can also add a lightbox logo at the counter sides to leave a deep impression on people.

Materials information

  • Primary material: MDF. MDF is a good material for mall booths because it can achieve unique shapes and models. Durable structure and can show products well.
  • Surface treatment: High glossy baking paint. The shiny baking paint surface is brilliant, and the smooth touch makes the boutique shop outstanding.
  • Toe kicking protection: Stainless steel in silver color. 
  • Other materials: Includes 8mm tempered glass, light lamp, spotlight, light box logo, etc.
  • Flooring: Flooring uses PVC floor in black color with a stainless steel edge.