What do you think about opening a perfume kiosk in the mall? Today, I want to share an exquisite 10ft by 10ft Elegant Boutique Perfume Kiosk with you. It’s a very classic style in the USA, it’s in the shopping mall of Houston! This luxurious kiosk serves as a perfect platform to display a wide variety of perfumes while effortlessly promoting your brand theme. Resembling an open shop within a shopping mall, it entices customers with its sleek display counters and convenient entrance.

Perfume kiosk

Introduce about perfume kiosk

At the heart of this elegant kiosk is a round display stand, strategically positioned to draw attention from every angle. To further attract passersby, an acrylic logo adorns the roof, showcasing your brand in a stylish and eye-catching manner. The multiple layers of open shelving offer a stunning showcase for all your perfumes, with a grid-like arrangement that ensures each fragrance is prominently displayed. Meanwhile, the bottom section of the kiosk contains spacious drawers, providing ample storage for your products. View cosmetic kiosk decoration

open kiosk

Surrounding the central display stand are curved counters, designed to beautifully exhibit the items for sale. Featuring glass showcases with sleek close doors on the top, these counters not only showcase your products with elegance but also offer additional storage space. To make a lasting impression, your brand logo is prominently displayed on the front, ensuring that customers notice and remember your unique identity.

We can see an individual counter within the open kiosk has a cashier register, allowing for seamless transactions with your customers. Furthermore, this versatile kiosk offers the option to greet and welcome customers as they enter your shop, ensuring a personalized and memorable experience for each visitor.

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elegant boutique stand perfume booth

Kiosk effect in the shopping mall

Both the owner and mall manager love the kiosk design and quality. The installation is also very easy, 2 people can put counters together and connect wires between them.

perfume kiosk

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