Open kiosks view as island kiosks in the shopping center. People can see your business and products in all directions. The open kiosk booth is suitable for displaying items, providing custom services, and promoting brand themes. Like most modern kiosks, it includes a brand logo, poster, storage cabinet, and display showcase area. Merchants can choose suitable colors to make the open kiosk, such as wooden, white, blue, green, gray, etc. We can also choose to combine colors to make the mall retail booth stand out. We can also select high-quality materials to build the sales kiosk, both materials and crafts make the mall booth durable and have a luxury effect. Browse the mall kiosk design below and purchase a customized open counter from our Mall-Kiosk.

Open kiosk design idea

open kioskBefore starting an open stall, businessmen should rent a location first. So we can make the kiosk fit that area and arrange all the counters properly. Mall Kiosk has a professional design team, excellent workers, and a service team. Everyone can get ideal open display counters in time.

  • Design time: Our design team makes the modern kiosk design, which includes 3D design photos at all angles and construction drawing with details information. It takes about 3-5 work days to complete. If you need adjustment, we can modify the design soon and re-render clear design photos.
  • Produce time: Produce a 3m by 2m open booth stand needs about 25 work days. Workers prepare materials first, then cut wood panels to build each counter. The next step is to make a surface treatment. Fourth, workers will assemble the wires, lighting, and logos for better usage. Finally, workers will install the cabinet doors and test them. It’s the natural effect when merchants use the mall.

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If you have any questions about kiosk decoration, please inquire soon. We can talk in more detail and help you get good nuts kiosk design solutions.